Our Expertise

Through the combination of scientific approaches as well as technological advancements, we deliver our services with the highest quality and confidence. Understanding hazards allows us to specifically design an approach for every case, as no two are alike, enabling our clients to be confident in our assessments and analysis.
Damage Assessment


Through forensic engineering we determine the cause for damages. Wether damages are in a single location, or spread over a large geographical setting, a scientific approach is used to validate our assessments.

Assessment Audit


Assessments are audited through a thorough scrutiny of the available information. Combining our knowledge of hazards and their cause-effect to determine whether damages belong or not to an event. 


GIS Assessment


Large scale events are not limited to a single location, but spread throughout a large geographical area. Damages then are assessed through geo-information systems that allow our clients to rely on accurate information when making a decision based on geo-statistics and geo-spatial analysis tools.

Loss Estimation


Our personnel are qualified engineers, with actual hands-on knowledge in construction processes. Therefore, our loss estimation procedures are actual project costs. These are determined based on damages assessed as being caused by an event. Our loss estimation is done to minimize cost of repair/substitution. Assuring that our client does not over pay.


Vulnerability Analysis


Through our engineering knowledge combined with that of hazards, we determine the effects of the latter on property and/or infrastructure.


Our analysis allow property owners and governments to take action to reduce vulnerability and increase resiliance before a disaster strikes.

Risk Management


Risk management is determined by the understanding of the hazard and its effects on property/infrastructure. We analyze the setting and determine the probability of a disaster to occur, allowing our clients to take measures before anything occurs.


Through Risk Management procedures, we offer the service of Risk Mapping. Wether its at municipal, state or country level, our services provide state of the art procedures to ensure the quality and reliability of our products.