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Our Team


MSc. in GIS for Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk Management

Our chief consultants are skilled MSc. with a Civil Engineering background, allowing them to implement assessment techniques through large areas or over a single location with scientific procedures, ensuring quality assessments and audits.


We are certified researchers prepared in The Netherlands, with hands-on experience on Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk Management, which allows us to determine cause-effect on damages. 





Our engineers are skilled on structural design/calculation, which enables them to apply logic, key to forensic engineering. Knowledge on project costs translates in accurate loss estimation for our clients.


Statistics and probability are embeded in our qualifications, which becomes key in risk assessment. All these knowledge works to support the work of our chief consultants, allowing us to cover large cases with custom made surveys for each case.

& Meteorologists



Geologists are key to understanding the behaviour of the Earth when facing landslides and earthquakes. Our experts provide insight on soil properties and fault behaviours.


Hydrometeorological occurrences has increased, therefore we provide the knowledge before and after an event. Meteorologists play a key role in assessing the causes for these events to occur, and determine the behaviour of weather.



Our staff provides insights into hazards that result in disasters, bringing knowledge to our chief consultants. Wether it is for damage assessment, auditing, loss estimation or risk management, we work as a team to bring all the elements involved in hazards and disasters. Therefore, our clients can be confident that our work is of top quality, enabling them to assert when making decisions.

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